I am very grateful to my clients and deeply appreciate their kind testimonials about the service they have received.

"My husband and I have seen Alistair three times in the last couple of months. We were in deep crisis and thought that being coached in how to have Compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC) conversations with each other might help us. How right we were! Alistair is a Master. He has gently and skillfully guided us to a more compassionate approach with each other. In a relatively short space of time our relationship has been totally transformed out of the war zone and into the love zone, which is what we wanted.

I have experienced a couple of one-one coaching sessions with Alistair which have also proved to be great.

Having Alistair ‘hold’ me safely has been essential in my progress. A very new tool has been staying strongly in awareness of the uncomfortable feelings, taking a witnessing approach rather than minimizing or running away, recognizing that they will pass. Also acceptance of myself, shadowy bits and all, has really helped me move on more completely. Nowadays I am able to stay with less optimistic thoughts rather than be overwhelmed by them.

Alistair is a great coach and a fabulous role model. He lives and breathes compassionate communication which we both find so very inspiring".

(V.T. Life Coach - Personal Sessions and Couple Sessions - Melbourne)

"I found the Essential Relating program to be incredibly insightful and enriching. It opened my eyes to old and new ways of communicating with others. It gave me strategies for connecting with myself and others through the heart.

I felt Alistair gave plenty of opportunity and space for all participants to voice what was alive for them whatever needed voice during our sessions. He expressed a general openness to hearing whatever came up. He showed an acceptance without judgment and created a safe atmosphere for genuine expression."

(S.W. young mother, Melbourne)

"I found Compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to be a really powerful tool for connecting back with myself and with what is actually happening. I found that it takes me back directly into my experience and allows me to come into the clarity, simplicity and 'truth' that I've been seeking for some time when trying to work through tangled situations, feelings etc.

I realised how much I've been dealing with things in my mind going all the time into the mind - and not connected with what I am actually feeling - which is the entry to seeing what is actually happening - and truth.

I also enjoyed and felt completely comfortable in your facilitation Alistair. I wanted to try NVC with you because I know you have a complete commitment to truth and would not try to push ideas or views onto anyone.

I also found that you were completely confident and fluent in the application of NVC and I found your input really valuable in the exercises we did (particularly the last one)".

(I.L. Legal secretary - Melbourne)

We sit in frustration and amazement when our team seem to let us down with a lack of ownership or urgency and focus on the goal at hand".

I have been in this position and it is not a pleasant one to be in. You start questioning your own abilities, questioning why you keep going, questioning why things are so hard, and questioning why others aren't as committed as you are.

No one likes to admit their weaknesses, but these weaknesses can also be an important element in becoming a better leader and more importantly being the best person you can be.

This of course is not always a pleasant process, but Alistair's program and personal approach certainly makes the experience a rewarding one.

In the end, our happiness does depend on ourselves. I now realise this more than ever thanks to Alistair and realise what is truly important to me".

(S.F. Managing Partner of Professional Firm - Melbourne)

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