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If you've come this far, I'm guessing you'd like some support in your relationships and/or your leadership and would like to talk to someone about the challenges you are facing.

I invite you to complete the form below to register for a personal session with me.

I'll undertake to respond to your registration within 24 hours to make a time with you. Please let me know roughly what dates and times would work for you.

Personal one on one sessions. I request a payment of $100 for sessions in East Doncaster when I'm in Melbourne, or in my Studio in Myocum in the Byron Bay area.

If you are in Melbourne and you want a face to face session, It is advisable to make appointments well in advance.

Personal sessions via Skype or Phone (I ring you) also require a payment of $100 paid by EFT on the day. Skype and Phone appointments are flexible and can be made for some evenings and Saturday morning as well as during week days.

All personal sessions are for an hour.

I offer a block of six personal sessions for $495.

Sessions for couples or mediation for couples require a payment of $150 when in in person or via Skype)  Sessions for couples are for an hour and a quarter. I also offer a block of four sessions for $495 or eight sessions for $995 if paid in advance .

Payment for personal sessions can be made in cash on the day or by EFT immediately after the first appointment. If you don't think you've received value from the the initial meeting you don't have to pay. Subsequent sessions are to be paid on the day or in advance as above.

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"I also enjoyed and felt completely comfortable in your facilitation Alistair... because I know you have a complete commitment to truth and would not try to push ideas or views onto anyone."

"I felt safe, respected, and honoured throughout the process. Alistair’s warmth, calm pace and care facilitated a deeper exploration of what was happening for me". B.C.