Personal sessions

Personal Sessions - One on One Coaching, Counseling or Mentoring

Are you needing some support, some clarity with an important relationship?

Are you thinking it would be great to have someone you can talk to confidentially? Someone you can trust will listen without judging you, making you wrong or giving you lots of unsolicited advice?

I welcome you here.

I invite you to book a personal session. on the phone or via Skype for yourself or you and your partner.

We'll explore what is happening for you.

If you're experiencing some form of disconnection we'll take a look at what keeps you feeling stuck, frustrated or discontent with how things are in your relationships or with life itself.

I offer mediation services and counseling for couples and/or individuals.

I also offer training and coaching of Compassionate Communication (NVC) - a world renown process for resolving conflicts and creating connection in the relationships that matter to you.

I'll be supporting you to access your own inner wisdom and guidance - fostering a sense of quiet confidence and capacity to move forward.

I meet with you one on one, listen to the challenges before you and together we explore the arising of wisdom.


Personal sessions can be used for:

Supporting you with the challenges you face in your intimate relationship:

Maybe you are feeling at a cross-roads in your intimate relationship.

Perhaps there is some gnawing at your sense of inner peace. Something doesn't feel right between you and your partner.

Maybe you are noticing a persistent experience of resentment toward your partner.

Perhaps it seems like you are growing in different directions.

Maybe you believe your partner will never change and it feels hopeless.

Perhaps you'd like to improve how you and your partner communicate - so you can foster a deeper sense of connection and intimacy.

Maybe you'd like to do some fine tuning of your communication...

If anything in you feels touched right now...

I invite you to book a session by clicking this link

or ring me on +61 (0) 412 98 88 44