Dr Marshall Rosenberg Ph. D.

Marshall Rosenberg was without doubt an extraordinary man. He passed away in February 2015.

His contribution to people all over the world in teaching them how to  communicate to  create connection in ways that are life serving, will have profound, rippling, positive consequences for generations and across all races and creeds.

His work has deeply touched my own life.

He was a man of extraordinary courage and willingness to commit himself to being of service to others in conflict. His work took him all around the world, to places of tribal and community conflict and he demonstrated over and over again the power of what he taught - to build connection where previously it had seemed hopeless.

Marshall Rosenberg - and his powerful metaphor - the jackal and giraffe.

Marshall first came up with the concept of NVC after studying psychology and being profoundly disappointed in the way psychology didn't address the fundamental methodology for overcoming conflict and creating connection between human beings.

He gave his life to the longing he felt to contribute to create a more peaceful world. I imagine the commitment that he made to that, in some ways, came at a great personal cost - to perhaps his children and partner. And he kept going, as one would expect a true crusader to do. A crusader for peace.

He possessed a very creative streak that enabled him to see through and convert the confusion and struggles of communication into a simple four step process that anyone, with a little training, can apply to their relationships in a way that can create lasting change.

He created the metaphor of the Jackal to represent language that disconnects us from others.

The metaphor of the giraffe is a representation of language that is from the heart - that creates connection - compassionate communication. The giraffe is the land animal with the largest heart. A perfect metaphor.

He titled his teachings Nonviolent Communication or NVC for short, otherwise known as Compassionate Communication.

For more information about him and the process he created, you can access the website for the international organisation that he founded here: Centre for Nonviolent Communication

I am proud to be offering programs that offer the teachings of this man - that has contributed so much to creating a better world for our children. In some small way I feel honored to have been facilitating an NVC foundation training at the time of his passing on 7th February 2015.

In the death of Marshall Rosenberg, the world has lost a great leader, but he has left many people behind him who are willing and able to continue the work he began - to extend its reach more deeply into couples, families and communities that are caught up in conflict.

I will be forever grateful to his life and his work.

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