Focusing is an incredibly simple process that opens one up to direct observation of the innate wisdom of the body...

I came across this process in early 2012 and since then have attended a number of private sessions and then the Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 programs with Jo Kennedy of Focusing Australia and am now certified as a trainer of Focusing.

Developing this skill has profoundly affected my life and in particular my practice of Compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC) that I have been living and teaching for some years. The creator of Nonviolent Communication, Dr Marshall Rosenberg Ph.D. has indicated his support for this process as a valid contribution to those learning NVC.

The process was created by Dr Eugene ("Gene") T. Gendlin Ph.D. after he conducted exhaustive studies on the effectiveness of psychotherapy and was able to draw some conclusions based on his observation. He said, "those clients that were able to achieve significant progress from their course of psychotherapy were able to connect to their felt sense about what they were communicating", in their sessions with a therapist. It became clear to Gene that he could determine whether a course of therapy was going to be "successful" within the first half hour of starting the first session.

"It consists of six simple steps that identify and change the way thoughts and emotions are held within the body. It can be done virtually anywhere, at any time, and an entire "session" can take no longer than ten minutes, but its effects can be felt immediately - in the relief of bodily tension and psychological stress, as well as dynamic shifts in understanding and insight.

As you learn to develop your natural ability to work with this process, you'll find yourself more in sync with both mind and body filled with greater self-assurance and better equipped to make the positive changes necessary to improve and enhance every aspect of your life"(1)

(1) Extract from the back cover of Eugene T Genlin's book "Focusing" a classic self-help best seller with over a half a million copies in print.

Why would you learn Focusing?

  • Develops an inner self awareness that in turn improves the way you move through life
  • Shows you that you are not the victim of your emotional state
  • Helps to overcome blockages that are preventing your life from moving forward
  • Supports you to deal with inner conflict
  • Quietens the voice of the critic in your head that gives you a hard time.
  • Helps overcome action blocks
  • Develop your capacity to give compassion to yourself and others

Focusing - Level 1 Training

Over 5 weeks. The next program - dates will be advised to all who register for a personal session - see below.

7.00pm to 9.30pm held via Skype.

Investment in the program includes all 5 sessions, a comprehensive workbook and other downloadable materials.

You will be organised a weekly practice partner to support your learning.

Investment in the program is:

  • $230
  • or bring a friend for $400 for both of you.

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to hold your place (and pay for the comprehensive workbook) 14 days before the training begins.

If you'd like to register for the next Focusing - Level 1 training you'll need to book a personal session first. See below. Having a personal session will support you in making sure the Level 1 training is right for you.

Personal Focusing Sessions

If you'd like to book a personal Focusing session, I am currently offering Focusing sessions at a reduced price of $60 for anyone considering attending the training.  please click this link, enter your details and mention the word "Focusing Special" to access this cheaper rate.

For more comprehensive information about Focusing you can access the link provided at the top of the page or you can access information at here or here

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Alistair McKinnon

Your Focusing Guide


"I think for me it was powerful and profound. I think it went incredibly well considering I hardly know Alistair and am quite a shy person. It was deep, surprising, very informative and ‘easy’.

I appreciated his calmness, patience, the warm tone of his voice, the way he informed me at the beginning of what to expect and how we would proceed.

I also appreciated his innate sense of when to speak and when not to, and his ability to course correct seamlessly when I gave him feedback."


If you'd like a Personal Focusing Session see the link at the bottom of the page.