The Compassionate Man -
Compassionate Communication for Men

The Compassionate Man - compassionate communication for Men is designed to support you to open to a deeper level of connection with the people that are important in your life.

  • Do you find that creating a real and loving connection with your partner and/ or children can at times seem impossible, frustrating and overwhelming?
  • Do you find that despite your best intentions to communicate, patterns of the past keep repeating themselves?
  • Do you sometimes get afraid of your emotionality? A sense that you could easily be violent? A fear of breaking down and crying? A fear of feeling ashamed?
  • Does your partner sometimes tell you your communication sucks?
  • Do you want to be the best husband, father, partner you can be?

This program will offer you a simple framework for transforming your relationships, and supporting you to both express yourself more fully and listen in a way that fosters connection with those you love.

This is a program for you to hang out together with other men and share what's going on, what challenges you are having around communicating - in a context that is safe and supportive. You'll be free to express what ever is alive for you and know that you'll be heard and not judged.

This program provides a safe, creative structure for learning - to be together as men, to laugh, to learn and celebrate our shared masculinity.

The program is based on the teachings of the late Dr Marshall Rosenberg Ph. D. that are offered, in various forms, all over the world in both domestic, workplace and community contexts. They are known as Compassionate Communication or Nonviolent Communication (NVC). For some background information about NVC click here

Your facilitators are two men with decades of experience in supporting others to grow and unfold their natural expression. See the column on the right for more information about them.

If you want to know the 6 reasons why I've set up this program click here.

And if you'd like to know a little more about my struggle with intimate relationship and why, check out this link.

Compassionate Communication (NVC)

The program will be hosted in the following way:

1. Two days of intense training and practice in the core skills over a weekend.

2. A weekly meeting online on a Tuesday for five weeks. Online meetings will be held from 7.30pm to 9.00pm.

3. An option to continue the program - to go deeper - opening up the issues in your life that might include sexuality, maintaining your self-connection in the face of criticism or anger in the other, how to make amends when you've stuffed up, how to deal with your own inner critic, how to create healthy boundaries and much more.

The program Compassionate Communication for Men will be facilitated by Alistair McKinnon. 

The program extension will most likely include an online meeting fortnightly and a regular monthly meeting in person to explore these topics in depth. More information will be supplied about this extension program to guys completing the foundation program.

Early Bird: 

1. Registering on your own for the weekend is $300 and including the five weeks is $390.

2. Registering with a friend requires a payment of $260 each for the weekend and $340 including the five weeks of follow up.

Full Price:

1. Registering on your own for the weekend is $330 and including the five weeks is $430.

2. Registering with a friend requires a payment of $300 each for the weekend and $390 including the five weeks of follow up.

The two day intensive will be hosted at a venue in Melbourne. Men are highly encouraged to attend both the two days and the five evenings.

Registrations for the program will close four days before the event. 

You can register your interest in the program by clicking this link.

If you have any questions about the program please feel free to call me, Alistair, on 0412 988 844 or go to the contact page here

Alistair is a leading coach and trainer of personal transformation  programs... having run programs for men and done mediation work in a men's organisation...(click for more)