Who I work with?

I work with people who are experiencing stress in a an important relationship.


I work with couples who are in an intimate relationship. They come to me because they realise that what they are doing is not working, they are not happy, there seems to be an unpleasant undercurrent of unspoken resentment that doesn't seem to go away, or there seems to be conflict that never gets resolved.

Some couples just want to spice up their relationship. It's gone stale, the life has gone out of it and there is a longing for a return to the love that was experienced in the beginning of the relationship.

Couple sessions are an hour long and are primarily in held via Skype or by phone.


I work with individuals who are having difficulty in a primary relationship, either with family, friends or at work. This can be with a parent, a child, an old friend whose becoming tiresome, or with a work colleague that is challenging to be around.

Are you looking for support to enable you to connect with someone close to you?

Perhaps you are frustrated with your communication skills and relationship(s) and know you need to take some action but don't quite know the way forward, or are a bit concerned that you don't have the skills necessary. Perhaps you don't feel safe with your intimate partner or people you share your life or work with, and are not sure who to turn to, to have a completely confidential conversation.

Or perhaps you are confronted with a difficult relationship conflict and would love to get some assistance to find a way forward.

In personal coaching sessions you'll:

  • develop a clearer sense of what's actually going on between you and the other person (It's not always obvious, which is why its not easy to resolve)
  • uncover self knowledge that will support you in all your relationships
  • Learn skills that will be helpful for the rest of your life
  • be able to look at tricky relationship challenges from a new perspective.

Personal coaching sessions with individuals are 60 minutes and are held via Skype or phone. Sessions are arranged on an "as needed" basis or a block of sessions can be booked to save money.

To see how I can help, you can:

1. Book a session with me. Call on (+61) 04 12 98 88 44 or book a session via the online link here , or,

2. Check out the links below to the program currently on offer:

      Relating to Connect (a program for anyone wanting to learn how to relate more effectively with significant others in their life)